Welcome to HornLofts.com.  I fly in the Woodlawn Racing Pigeon Club in San Antonio, TX.  Most of my Racing Pigeons are down from three main cocks depicted below.  In 2009 Young-bird Series,  Young-bird of the Year Award went to AU-09-HORN-504, BBC. He is down from "Pooltaker" 727, and "The Don" 75.  My family of birds just keep on winning!!!!!
AU-88-SAF-727 Blue Bar Cock is my foundation bird.  1989 San Antonio Combine Bird of the Year.  His father and mother were a gift from Mr.Glenwood Kent of San Antonio.  "727" was a pure Gordon and he was a pool taker.  He flew on the natural system, and I always counted on him on the tough 300 and 400 mile races.  When I told Mr. George Moldenauer that I got him again on another tough 400 mile race,  George said, "727" is a real good pigeon, you should breed from him!"  I flew him for another season and when he won a tough 300 mile race, I stocked him.
After moving to my present address, "727" got out and he was gone for three days. I was so happy when he returned.  "727" may have been a "once in a lifetime" pigeon. He was all heart. His children, grandchildren are breeding for me today.
I received "The Don" from Don Newbury of San Antonio.  I bought 12 youngsters from his Widowhood Team.  What a bargain,  his widowers are his future breeders!  As a three year old on widowhood, "The Don" won 1st Place Champion Bird.  Not only was he winning races and pools, his son and grandson were winning also.   I stocked him after 1997 and he is still breeding for me today. He will be 16 years old in 2010.  If you can obtain a fanciers widowhood youngsters, there is no better way to obtain good stock.
"The Don's Son", he won one 500 mile race and two weeks later he won 3rd place on the other 500 mile race.  Another pigeon, "The Don's Grandson", AU-96-GSAF-419 won 3rd Place 1997 Champion Old Bird: 2nd 300 mile race, 4th place 400 mile race, and 1st 500 mile race. When "The Don", his son and grandson were winning races,  I decided that I better stock "The Don"!
The third cock that is the foundation of my loft is from Don Craighead, "The Source Loft", he is "AU-94-GSAF-0101" a Silver Cock. He won 2nd 300 miles, 3rd 300 miles and 8th on the GSAF race. He is a pure Janssen.  I have received many race birds from Don and even won two Greater San Antonio Futurity races with his birds.  However, in my opinion, "0101" is the best bird I ever raced from Don.  This bird is a consistent race bird.  Yes, I won those futurity races, but looking back, those birds were one race winners.  I would much rather have birds that repeat time and again. "0101"'s grand parents are Hank Vernazza's "Diamond", Olive Oil", a son of "Hank Jr". and Charlie Murray's foundation Hen "052".  "AU-94-GSAF-0101" children and grandchildren are breeding today.
Another pair making an impact to my loft are World Champion Bloodlines from David Clausing.  AU-07-Clausing-79, Silver Cock, is from Clausing's David Jr. when mated to a Daughter of Clausing's world famous breeder "410". This daughter is a mother of 5 one-loft race winners and is a full sister to Clausing's $78,000 winner in South Africa.   "79" is mated to AU-07-Clausing-6, BCH, who is a daughter of "410" when mated to a daughter of "Ziko".   David Jr. is a money race winner and a brother of money race winners and more proven super breeders.
Clausing's "410"  is his very best ever of all of his most consistent super breeders. Father of 3rd, 4th, 24th, 36th, 99th, 101st in previous South Africa Million Dollar races. He himself was one of only 7 day birds in the San Diego Holiday Cup in California and the only bird clocked in the long end that race day well after dark.  In 2002, he raised 2 babies that were sent to the  Million Dollar race where only 4 day birds were clocked 13+ hours on the wing with his daughter "Valentin" scoring 3rd winning $75,000 dollars against 1653 birds.  In 2003, a full sister to "410" bred  "Never Say Die" winning 1st $200,000 against 1676 birds.  In 2004, he bred 24th place and the 26th place bird was from a son of "410".  In 2005, "410" 's  daughter "Heidi"  won 4th overall winning $56,840 against 2642 birds with only 24 day birds.
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