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Hello, my name is Scott Horn and I am from San Antonio, Texas.  I have had racing pigeons since I was 12 years old.  I am married to a beautiful wife and have two lovely daughters.  Racing Pigeons are a big part of my life.  I have won many races including two Greater San Antonio Futurity races and I must tell you that I really like flying my Old Bird cocks on the widowhood method.  I learned to fly widowhood from my good friend Mr. Glenwood Kent.  I would go to his house and watch his widowers fly and I was amazed at how they would not group up--they would fly totally on their own, gliding and soaring, and then power stroking through the air.  What a sight! I was hooked.  I knew I would one day fly widowhood. When a widower comes home, he doesn't eat or get a drink of water, he goes straight into his box to see his mate.  I have won many races flying this method and you don't have to road train at all--just let them out in the morning and the evening and they will fly themselves into shape. Listed below is my email address and my phone number.
                                                          Yours in the sport,
                                                          Scott Horn
                                                          email: scott@hornlofts.com
                                                          phone: 210.381.2929
That's me in the middle, holding the 300 mile Auction Race Winner in the Woodlawn Racing Pigeon Club; Jim Moore is holding the Greater San Antonio Futurity winner!
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