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2005 Races
On most of the races the birds were hitting up high coming across northern Bexar County with a large group of birds going to the eastside.
Remember I fly widowhood cocks and hardly road train at all!
The 1st 200 mile Race the widowers were not quite in shape.
The next 200 mile B Race AU-04-HORN-47 DCWF C won 1st Club, 3rd Combine losing by 1 min 20sec. This was a hard race with a 15-20 mph headwind.
Next weekend 300 miles, I shipped 6 birds to the A Race and 6 Birds to the B race winning 23rd club and 10th club.
The following 300 miles,  I was 12th and 11th in the Woodlawn Club.
On the 400 mile, I won the B race 1st Club, 8th Combine with AU-04-HORN-4 BCWF C on a pretty fast race with a speed of  1503.300 ypm shipping only 7 birds to the race.  On the A race I came in 14th place.
On the 500 mile races there was 100 miles of rain across all of North Texas were the birds tried to go around.  Race birds were found in Dallas and Austin. Many birds were lost.  I won 4th place with AU-04-HORN-66 BCWF C, a full brother to AU-04-HORN-4 BCWF C, 7th, and 9th place shipping only 8 birds.
On the other 500 mile race I won 2nd place with AU-04-HORN-47 DCWF C, and 4th place shipping 8 birds to this race.
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Race Results